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The What, Why, and How of Investing in Bank Bonds !!!
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What are Bank Bonds?
Banks execute the critical function of lending to institutions and individuals to facilitate cash flow within the financial system. To maintain liquidity, they need a large amount of capital. One way of raising money is through issuing bonds.
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Why should you consider investing in Bank Bonds?
A notable feature of bank bonds is that they offer higher returns than bank FD rates, meaning you’ll earn more returns on bank bonds than on an FD issued by that same bank.
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Why do Bank Bonds pay more than FDs?
The answer to this lies in the structure of bank regulation by the Reserve Bank of India. Banks have to maintain Cash Reserve Ratio or CRR as per the RBI regulation to ensure the safety of banks and public money. Hence, a large part of fixed deposits are earmarked for this purpose. Since banks earn lower return themselves on the FD, they offer clients lesser returns.
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Is it safe to invest in Bank Bonds?
Banks are governed by strict and sound regulations under The Banking Regulation Act, 1949. Further, they come under the framework of the apex body, Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.
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Which banks issue Bank Bonds in India?
Both public and private sector banks in India can issue bank bonds.
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How to buy or invest in a Bank Bonds?


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KYC & Payment

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Do you need a Demat Account to purchase a Bond?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a demat account to purchase a Bond. Either you can use your existing demat account, and if you don’t have a demat account, then we will assist you to open one in few simple steps!

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