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High Yield Bonds India
The What, Why, and How of Investing in High Yielding Bonds !!!
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What are High Yield Bonds?
High Yield Bonds are also called ‘Small Cap Bonds. High-yield bonds are bonds that pay higher interest rates because they have lower credit ratings i.e. A/AA but are investment grade and a potential value investment in a favourable macro backdrop.
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Why to Invest in High Yield Bonds?
High Yield Bonds, offer them a number of potential benefits, alongside some specific risks such as credit risk and business cycle risk. In the current environment of persistently low interest rates, bond investors are finding attractive yield difficult to come by. For those in a position to take on some levels of credit risk, buying high yield bonds may provide a significant yield enhancement to a well-diversified portfolio.
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Higher yield bonds and diversification
High Yielding bonds offer an attractive credit spread over FIMMDA G-sec benchmark
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Higher yield bonds and Capital Appreciation
Historically, the high yield market has delivered a long-term return profile broadly in-line with equities. Like equities, high yield bond prices can increase as a result of improved performance of the issuing company or a wider economic upturn.
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Higher yield bonds and duration
High yield bonds are typically issued with shorter maturities (generally 1-3 years). This means a high yield bond investment may be less exposed to interest rate risk and you can reinvest your returns regularly.
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Who can invest in High Yield Bonds?
High yield bonds offer investors a middle ground between stocks and bonds. They're appropriate for those wanting high income and can withstand a reasonable risk associated with it.
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