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IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program

Writer # Shantanu Kurup | March 15, 2024

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In India, there are many financial products and services to meet investors’ needs. Traditional financial institutions have always been important, but now, with the emergence of FinTech, InsurTech and WealthTech, accessing financial services has changed. However, one thing stays the same: the vital role of financial products distributors. They are like the backbone of our financial system. Whether it’s the trusted ‘LIC agent uncle or aunt’ offering guidance to families or seasoned Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) assisting Indian retail investors with their investments, distributors are the unsung heroes keeping financial transactions running. Their job goes beyond just helping – they educate, advise and support clients, contributing to building the nation through financial knowledge and empowerment.

Introducing the IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program – a groundbreaking initiative for distributors to increase their earnings by including bonds in their services. Whether you’re an MFD, IFA, insurance agent, equity broker, CA, PMS distributor, or SEBI-Registered Investment Advisor, this program opens up a special chance to enter the lucrative bond trading industry. It’s a revolutionary opportunity for distributors to enhance their revenue and elevate their business, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out. Let’s explore the details of this exciting initiative and see how it can transform your distribution business.

What is the IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program?

The IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program present an innovative opportunity for distributors of financial products to boost their services in the world of bond trading. With a focus solely on listed bonds, this tech-enabled platform offers a diverse selection of over 100 bonds, ensuring that you can always find the perfect fit for your clients’ needs. By participating in this program, you not only expand your offerings but also aid your clients in diversifying their investment portfolios effectively. What sets this program apart is its commitment to equipping partners with cutting-edge technology. Through features like the bespoke bond calculator and a personalized interactive dashboard, you gain invaluable resources to streamline your operations and enhance client satisfaction. With these tools at your disposal, managing your clients becomes more efficient, allowing you to track earnings and monitor portfolio performance with ease.

Furthermore, the Partner Program goes beyond just providing tools; it fosters continuous learning and growth. Engage with a variety of learning modules, including webinars and training programs, designed to keep you informed about market trends, bond strategies and platform updates. This dedication to ongoing education ensures that you remain at the forefront of industry developments, positioning you as a trusted advisor to your clients. By leveraging advanced technology, diverse bond options and comprehensive training resources, you can upgrade your business and build stronger relationships with your clientele.

Why Bonds?

Bonds serve as crucial instruments for both corporates and governments to raise capital, representing the backbone of the fixed income asset class, surpassing the traditional favorite, Fixed Deposits (FDs). They seamlessly align with the Indian ethos of prioritizing savings while offering enticing risk-return metric, boasting higher returns than FDs with significantly lower risk than equities. Moreover, integrating bonds into investment portfolios facilitates diversification, providing stability amid the volatile swings of other asset classes. By assisting clients in incorporating bonds into their portfolios, financial advisors can guide them towards optimal asset allocation, harnessing the stable and predictable income aspect while preserving wealth.

As of December 31, 2023, the Indian bond market stands at a substantial $2.53 trillion (Source: CCIL and SEBI). According to a CRISIL report, by March 2025, the volume of corporate bonds could potentially double, reaching an estimated ₹65-70 lakh crore. With an entry threshold as low as Rs 10,000, this burgeoning market underscores immense growth potential. Despite this, only a meager 1-2% of retail investors are currently aware of bond investing, indicating a vast landscape of untapped opportunities. Given the expansive market size and the regulated nature of bonds, which is still in its nascent stage, seizing this opportunity with a well-devised strategy could lead to significant fortunes in this field.

The Unrivaled Benefits of Partnering with IndiaBonds

IndiaBonds, a SEBI-registered FinTech bond trading platform, stands unwaveringly by its commitment to bring ‘A bond in every hand.’ With over three years of industry experience and transactions worth 2,000 crores facilitated, we have earned the trust of over 1 lakh customers. Our founding team, boasting decades of expertise in the Indian debt market, has meticulously crafted the IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program to offer a unique 360-degree platform for managing and developing wealth distributor businesses.

A. Wide Collection and choice of bonds

Dive into a sea of possibilities with our extensive collection of bonds. From government securities to corporate bonds, sovereign gold bonds, High-yield bonds, Bond IPO and much more, IndiaBonds provides a diverse range of options, ensuring flexibility to accommodate various transactions and fulfill the unique requirements of your clientele. 

B. New-Age Tech Tools

a. Bond Calculator – Gain a competitive edge with India’s first bond yield calculator, enabling you to calculate bond yield or bond price for thousands of bonds instantly. This powerful tool provides a detailed breakup of principal, accrued interest and total settlement amounts, facilitating quick and accurate decision-making.

b. India’s first Bond Directory – Tackle the transparency gap head-on with our Bond Directory, the first private and largest Bond repository in India. With details on 25,000+ live bonds, this directory empowers investors and distributors to access comprehensive information and explore options effortlessly.

C. Partner Dashboard Access

Seamlessly manage leads and interact with clients through our personalized online dashboard. Your dedicated space to access, record and manage your portfolio and products, all conveniently consolidated in one place.

D. A Cohort of Relationship Managers

Initiate your business development journey with the backing of a community of relationship managers. They will accompany you every step of the way, from onboarding clients to providing timely product training and enhancing your knowledge. They will expertly guide you through all the features and processes of the IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program, ensuring you have support at every turn.

E. Training and Learning Programs

In collaboration with BSE IPF and NSE, IndiaBonds promotes educational content to investors, aiding them in understanding the bond market and making informed investment decisions. Recognized with the “Best Fintech Bond Platform – Investor Education” award by BSE, our commitment to customer education and awareness shines through.


The IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program have effectively addressed the long-standing challenges encountered by partners such as technological barriers, cumbersome onboarding processes and a lack of investor awareness. This innovative partner program, powered by cutting-edge technology, is meticulously crafted to facilitate mass financial inclusion. Financial product distributors, whether IFAs, insurance agents, or MFDs, play a vital role in simplifying of financial investments for investors. They provide invaluable guidance, facilitate seamless transactions and cultivate enduring client relationships. As the bond market continues its dynamic evolution, these intermediaries stand as indispensable allies, guiding investors towards their financial aspirations. Welcome to the IndiaBonds Partner and Distributor Program, where the future of bond trading meets unparalleled opportunities for financial products distributors.


Q. How to Become a Partner/Distributor?

A. To become a partner/distributor with IndiaBonds, you need to follow these steps:

•             Fill in your basic details and start your distributor journey.

•             Registration: Carry out the registration process and complete your profile.

•             E-sign: E-Sign the registration form. After completing, you can access your dashboard.

Remember, each of these steps is important and contributes to a successful distributor journey.

Q. Can I on board investors from anywhere in India?

A. Yes, you can. When you become distributor with IndiaBonds, you’re potential to connect with investors increases greatly. It allows you to welcome investors from all over India easily. This distributorship can help you expand your investor base nationwide.

Q. What are the charges for registering as a partner/distributor with IndiaBonds?

A. Registration is free of cost, with no hidden charges.

Q. What education or certification is required to become a distributor with IndiaBonds?

A. SEBI does not specify any educational qualifications for becoming a bond distributor, possessing a good understanding of the bond market can certainly aid in the effective distribution of bonds.

Q. What is the age limit to become a distributor with IndiaBonds?

A. Individuals aged 18 years and above are eligible to become a partner / distributor of IndiaBonds.

Q. How to on-board Investors on IndiaBonds platform?

A. To on board your investors, you need to follow these steps:

Share Onboarding Link: Share the unique onboarding link with your potential investor. This link will guide them through the registration process on our platform.

Investor Registration and KYC: The investor will need to complete their registration by filling out their personal details. They will also need to complete the KYC process.

Investor Mapping: Once investor is on boarded investor will be mapped to you automatically.

Q. How to Initiate a Transaction?

A. There are two ways a transaction can be initiated:

Investor Initiated: In this approach, the investor takes the lead. They log in to their account and initiate the transaction directly. These transactions are mapped to you and visible in your dashboard.

Distributor Initiated: As a distributor, you can initiate the transaction on behalf of the investor. You handle the entire process, from start to finish. Investor only needs to make the payment.

Transaction Completion: Once the bond is transferred into investors demat account, the transaction is considered completed. They’ll receive a confirmation and find the bond details in their account.

Q. Do You Have an Investor Login for My Clients? 

A. Yes, investors will have a separate login to IndiaBonds.

Q. Can a Minor Invest in bonds?

A. No, minors cannot invest in bonds.

Q. If my client is not tech-savvy, can you provide offline transaction?

A. No, we only accept online payments through net banking on our website or through payment link sent after deal confirmation.

Q. How user-friendly is your platform?

A. IndiaBonds platform is very user-friendly. All the processes can be carried out in 3 to 5 steps. Selecting and sorting bonds are very easy due to our curated packs. Also you can track your Investment and future cash flows in portfolio section.

Q. What is the minimum time taken to complete a transaction?

A. A transaction can be completed in 2-3 minutes, whether it is initiated by the investor or the distributor.

Q. Is the E-KYC process instant?

A. Yes, the KYC process takes only 3 minutes and is instantly validated.

Q. Can we sell bonds on IndiaBonds platform?

A. Yes, you can sell bonds on IndiaBonds platform. Bond holders can sell their holdings on Investor can apply to sell their bonds online via the “Request for Quote” (RFQ) feature available on the Homepage and Bond Details page.

Q. How is IndiaBonds regulated?

A. We are regulated by SEBI-registered Online Bond Platform Provider that facilitates the buying and selling of bonds.

Q. Is IndiaBonds authorised to deal in bonds? 

A. Yes, we are authorised by SEBI to distribute bonds and we are registered members with BSE and NSE.

Q. In case of technical issues in the platform, who should I contact?

A. You can connect with us over the call on 08069199898 or on email