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Our Purpose

Making bond markets accessible, transparent to investors

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About Us

We are a financial company driven by technology with a passion to create an investment platform that provides access to the fixed income market in a low-cost, transparent and easy to use manner.

Each member of our core management team has decades of experience in either finance or technology (profiles coming soon). We are motivated by spearheading the digital revolution in the corporate bond market in India with our leadership expertise in both fixed income asset class and technology, as we aspire to provide a wholesome solution to bond investing. We assist investors with access to wide choice of bond investment opportunities that provide stability and good returns, thus helping them in generating predictable income and meeting their own investment objectives.

Our Leadership


“I believe in the great potential that lies locked away in the Indian debt markets and we are working towards extending that value to everyone across the nation.”


Aditi Mittal


Aditi brings 20+ years of experience in the Indian fixed income markets and is also a Director of AK Capital – The prominent Bond House of India.

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What We Believe

Individual investors can benefit from direct access to the corporate bond market which has been usually reserved for larger institutional and wealthy investors. This is by empowerment and education - with better information, learning, tools, services, opportunities, and negligible costs.

We believe everyone is worthy of financial security…we believe everyone should have access to information to make their investments…we believe in our simple mission of “A Bond in Every Hand” !

What We Offer

As a financial company driven by technology, we aim to offer:

Curated Bonds for You

Our teams have demystified bonds into different easy to understand categories

Facilitating Bond Sale

bond investment is not a one-way street! We provide liquidity for you to sell bonds to us as well

Detailed reports and insights

smart investment is about knowledge and we provide ongoing learning, news and analysis relevant to the bond markets

Complete directory of bonds

you have 25,000+ bond details in ONE place and at your fingertips!

Bond expert advice & help

our expert team is always available to assist you in the process of and making choices for your bond investments

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