Debt Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

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An Income Solution with a Focus on Optimizing Capital Allocation

The objective of Fixed Income Portfolio Management Services is to invest in all debt portfolio and generate risk adjusted returns with specific emphasis on regular and stable income. The PMS will be a combination of Hold-to-Maturity (HTM) strategy and an opportunistically managed trading strategy depending on market conditions.

Why you should consider Debt PMS

  • There are a lot of investment avenues available in the fixed income segment today – Bank FD, Debt Mutual Funds, PPF etc. with associated advantages and disadvantages. For instance, in Bank FD while the capital is safe, returns are on the lower side. In Mutual Funds now with the removal of the indexation benefit and also the strategy (duration strategy vs credit strategy) cannot be managed.

  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management Services provide investors the opportunity to invest in direct debt instruments with an endeavor to generate income accruals and capital gains while optimizing market risk thus acting as an income solution with a focus on preserving capital.

  • Using an active and flexible investment approach that seeks to capitalize on opportunities in fixed income markets, the PMS aims to deliver attractive long-term returns and regular cash flows while preserving capital and managing liquidity risk.

  • Debt PMS provide investors an efficient access to debt market via a professional fund management team which has the technical know-how and expertise with respect to interest rate cycles and issuer due diligence.

  • Debt PMS is suitable for investors wanting to hold a fixed income portfolio with low to moderate risk appetite expecting a moderate to high spread of returns over traditional options of similar maturity.

Benefits of Debt PMS

  • Professionally managed quality portfolio of Bonds

  • Clear investment philosophy, flexible strategy, and regular cash-flow

  • Online platform to monitor portfolio performance

  • Audited statement at year end for tax filing purpose

  • A relationship manager to cater to investment needs

Performance Statistics

Terms at a Glance

Portfolio Manager

A.K. Wealth Management Private Limited

Regular Interest Payout

Mostly securities will have half yearly/ yearly payouts; the PMS will distribute the realized interest as and when received


CRISIL Composite Credit Risk index

Target Gross Yields (pre-tax & pre-expense) and Tenure

10% to 11% with investment tenure 3 years plus

Minimum Investment

Minimum investment is ₹50 lakhs

Investment Universe

Bonds, Debentures and similar fixed income instruments in the credit spectrum of AAA to A-

  • XIRR for the PMS portfolio & Benchmark, returns of Mutual Fund are calculated since inception on gross basis i.e. pre-fee and pre-tax.
  • For Debt Mutual Funds, we have considered average returns for this period for top 5 credit risk fu nds ranked on basis of Assets under Management as on the date of PMS inception.
  • Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future and there is no guarantee of future returns.

Investment Strategy

  • Core Portfolio

  • Satellite Portfolio

  • Strategy
  • Value based strategy to invest with our preferred issuers with whom we believe there is an ability to seek the best risk/reward trade off across the credit spectrum.

  • Actively Managed strategy which will invest opportunistically in inefficient circumstances

  • Horizon
  • 2-3 years

  • 3-6 months

  • Objective
  • Generate consistent returns by locking in portfolio YTM

  • Generate Alpha over the benchmark without additional risk

* The Strategy features as stated above is a subset of details specified in the Disclosure Document.


Unmatched Experience in Debt

Since last 25 years AK has been pioneer of the debt capital segment in India and a one stop solution provider for all types of fixed income instruments – bonds, debentures, commercial paper, preference shares, Pass through certificates to name a few.

Consistent Returns

Track record of delivering consistent profits on portfolio churn by effectively managing interest rate risk over several interest rate cycles.

Monitoring and Value Addition

Close Monitoring of various conditions subsequent and transaction specific covenants, credit ratings, financial health, liquidity position, leverage etc thereby mitigating the risk.

About A K Wealth Management Pvt Ltd

A. K. Wealth Management is a one stop boutique providing portfolio management services across all classes of fixed income securities such as Bonds, NCDs, structured products, hybrid financial instruments, and other securities which are managed by professional money managers.

A. K. Wealth Management also assists in shifting investment strategies depending on market conditions with the help of its experienced and robust fund management team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the investment objective in this Debt PMS?
  • Who can invest in Debt PMS?
  • What is the tax treatment in PMS?
  • Can NRI’s invest in Debt PMS?

What is the investment objective in this Debt PMS?

What is the investment objective in this Debt PMS?

We are offering a Discretionary PMS which will invest in fixed income securities. In the PMS, our objective is to:

  • Invest in an all-debt portfolio
  • Yield regular and stable income
  • Have a specific emphasis on capital preservation
  • Actively manage portfolios with a combination of investment and trading strategies.

Who can invest in Debt PMS?

Who can invest in Debt PMS?

  • This product is suitable for investors seeking capital preservation with regular income. It is ideal for investors wanting to hold a fixed income portfolio with low to moderate risk appetite expecting a moderate to high spread of returns over fixed income space like bank FD, corporate FD, of similar maturity.
  • Individuals and Non-Individuals such as HUFs, partnerships firms, sole proprietorship firms and Body Corporate can invest in Debt PMS.

What is the tax treatment in PMS?

What is the tax treatment in PMS?

Income from the PMS will be classified either as interest income or as capital gain. Interest income will be taxed at the marginal rate of taxation. While short term capital gains on sale of bonds/NCDs would be taxed at investors applicable slab rates, long term capital gains on sale of bond/NCD (a listed security) are taxed at concessional rate of 10% without claiming the benefit of indexation as mentioned under Section 112 of Income Tax Act.

Can NRI’s invest in Debt PMS?

Can NRI’s invest in Debt PMS?

No, NRI’s cannot invest in Debt PMS.

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